Part of me desperately wants to write about current events (which would naturally devolve into politics, sadly, but it’s the nature of the times). Unfortunately every time I try to write something or thing of something to write, I find myself coming off like a horribly insufferable little partisan weasel, of the sort I generally want to punch when I hear them talking.

I hate that.

I’d really like to write something edifying and possibly moving. Something I could be proud of. Instead, I seem to want to write another pointless blog post about how the other guy was wrong and I was right and you should all be amazed at how clever I am.

I don’t feel particularly clever, though. I like to think I have as reasonable grasp on things as any reasonable citizen who isn’t directly involved but pays enough attention. Except I know there’s all sorts of shit going on I don’t know about. The media sucks. Nobody really seems to know much of anything. They’re writing reams and reams to make it look like they do. I don’t want to join them.

I want to write long screeds about the evils of market fundamentalism. But then I realize (a) I’m probably preaching to the choir and (b) it probably doesn’t matter. Except it kinda does. There are crazy market fundamentalists out there right now who despite all the evidence around them persist. And those guys still have the nerve to ask you to vote for them.

I’d recommend you don’t, for what it’s worth.

I’d go into why, but then I just end up getting frustrated again. You know, partisan bullshit that I can’t adequately prove anyway.

This sounds really depressing, doesn’t it? I should probably post about Doctor Who toys or something. That would be a much better idea than hitting “Publish.”


Almost-All-Candidates Meeting

So today I went to see [the all-candidates debate at the Laurier Faculty of Social Work]( They invited all the candidates from both the Kitchener-Waterloo and Kitchener Centre ridings to attend. Candidates from every major party showed up, except, notably, the Conservatives. Both of them ditched us.

Hm. I wonder what that says.

I’m going to the debate at UW on Thursday. I’ll be interested to see if Peter Braid bothers to make it to that one.

With the political spectrum spanning the centre to the left, the debate was refreshingly (perhaps even boringly) cordial. I didn’t take notes or anything, and I’ll probably save my overall impressions till after Thursday’s debate.

Some notes:

* Andrew Telegdi mentioned Paul Martin favourably a number of times, and associated himself with Elizabeth May twice. I don’t remember him mentioning Stéphane Dion once. I find this… odd. He did point out that his party was very forgiving, however. So maybe they don’t mind.
* Cathy MacLelland (who I actually really like) seemed a little bit miffed that Telegdi was trying to abscond with her party leader.
* Telegdi came out advocating [preferential voting]( when the topic came around to electoral reform, like Stéphane Dion did on cross-country check-up yesterday. The NDP guy from Kitchener Centre countered with mixed-member proportional, possibly because he’s forgotten about the Ontario referendum last year. Still, I like where this is going.

Adventures in Nasal Irrigation

Okay, I’ll apologize right now. This is gonna be kinda gross.

I get lots of sinus headaches and am allergic to stuff. I’ve tried a few things for it, but lately I’ve been taking more and more pseudoephedrine, which kinda concerns me. I don’t want to be taking any drugs on a long-term basis. They don’t test for that.

So Oprah comes along and tells everybody about these amazing Neti pot things and suddenly they’re a big craze everywhere. You put some salt water in and pour it out your nose. Miraculously, you’re cured of all ills.

Now my dad’s a pharmacist. He’d pointed out these saline nasal misting things years ago and I’d use them sometime. They do something similar but with quite a bit less water. They’re also incredibly expensive, for reasons i can’t quite make out. But I have some experience with the concept.

The nasal mist thing never really worked out terribly well. Not nearly as well as the neti pot fanatics make out, at least. But I’d never really committed to it, and, like I said, there’s much less water involved.

So I get a little squirt bottle doohickey that came with little salt packets and decided to give it a go. This was Wednesday night.

Thursday at work, I started to feel like I was coming down with something. Last night I was pretty woozy and miserable. Today, I woke up with the left side of my head completely congested and some lovely yellowish-brown mucus. Yum. So I stayed home from work.

I’m trying to decide whether this thing gave me a sinus infection or stirred up something that was already there. Or I just coincidentally came down with a cold. I’ve decided I’ll keep going with the squirt bottle thing for at least a few days to see what happens.

I’m feeling a bit better now and think I kinda need to get out of the house. So I’m gonna go for a walk and listen to podcasts. I’ll keep you updated on what colour my mucus is tomorrow.

No-Candidates Meeting

I totally fail.

Or somebody does.

I was hunting everywhere last week and over the weekend to try to figure out when the stupid all-candidates meeting was for my riding. I figured people just haven’t gotten around to organizing it yet and it would emerge in due course. Then I got a couple items in the feed this morning telling me that [the damn thing was yesterday]( Poop.

(I also missed my chance to pick up the [Sontaran Stratem Set]( yesterday, not that that’s terribly relevant to the discussion. Epic fail all ’round for me, though).

From the [reports](, though, I probably wouldn’t have got a seat, which means Ellen and I almost certainly wouldn’t have been able to stay. This sounds like a shoddy, half-assed excuse for a democratic exercise if you ask me.

Even if a candidate knocked on my door, I almost certainly wouldn’t be there. Those things are useless to me. I need stuff like these meetings to figure out who these people are to make any sort of useful decision.

Video from the event, though, will be broadcast on [Rogers TV]( over the next week, if I can figure out how to see it without cable TV.

If you happen to live in one of the other ridings in the region, your meeting is upcoming. [Check the Rogers site for dates and times](

Maybe there’ll be another meeting (probably revolving around some special interest or other) in the coming weeks.

Warning: potty humour

Hey, remember the definitive [Penny Arcade comic on Twitter]( Yeah.

Well, apparently [Jack Layton has a Twitter account too](

(Given there’s no corroboration anywhere, I’m betting that’s a photoshop job, but it’s still funny).