Polaris Wrap-up

Sunday was quite a bit less action-packed than Saturday. Everybody was pretty tired, me included. You’ll notice the Saturday post went up after 3am. I tried to get to sleep earlier but failed utterly. One of the things they tell you to do to fight insomnia is to get up and do something and then try again, so I got up and wrote a blog post. :P

I got up in time to see Gareth David-Lloyd’s encoure, though. I actually asked a few questions this time. He didn’t offer any amazingly revealing insights, but he was lots of fun as a guest and was good with the crowd. When the other Darcy (the dog, who made her debut at Ad Astra) got up to the microphone with her handler, he was all “OMG, is that a tiny dog?!” and of course, Darcy [ended up in his lap](http://picasaweb.google.ca/dscassel/Polaris2008/photo#5223083914446927330).

Not a whole lot happened otherwise. I floated around between hanging out with people and going to a couple panels, none of which were particularly notable. I saw a bit of a talk with a guy (from one of the Stargates) named Rainbow. He was pretty fun too. And I spend way, way too much money in the dealer’s room on Doctor Who toys. The prices were okay and there was no shipping so I decided to avail myself of the opportunity to start a collection.

When Sunday ended, I wasn’t terribly excited about going to Kelsey’s again, even if it meant hanging out with fun con people. Instead, I went over to Rin’s place because she was sick and unable to attend Sunday. So I ended up going out to dinner with Rin and Kyle and Xio and Eric and Alex and P-chan, which was very nice, like old times. We went back, played with toys for a bit and then I drove home, very tired but satisfied.

I really like Polaris. Toronto Trek was my first con–I went to Toronto Trek III when I was 14. I think–for con stuff–anyway, it’s the best con I go to in the year. (This might be because it’s the only con with a Doctor Who track, who knows?) The major downside being not that many people end up going. It’s a bit expensive. This year was different, though–I knew tonnes of people, so that was fantastic. I had a great time.

Before I go, [I will leave you with pictures](http://picasaweb.google.ca/dscassel/Polaris2008).