Polaris, Day 1

I’m here in Toronto for Polaris, the convention formerly known as Toronto Trek. This is actually the first time I’ve been here for the whole weekend. Usually I’ve only ever driven down for the Saturday.

The highlight of the day for me was stumbling across Rick Green in the dealer’s room and hearing about Hoverboy, possibly the 137th greatest superhero ever! I went to his panel, and it really stirred up old memories. I remember when I was a kid, getting up at 5am Sunday mornings in my footie pyjamas and watching that old Hoverboy cartoon with Kasey Kasem and Vincent Price. You know, the one with Hoverboy before they brought in Hoverdog and it started to suck.

Anyway, apparently, they’re bringing Hoverboy back! Ty Templton won the rights in a poker game and is working with Marcus Moore to put out a new comic series! Not only that, a Hoverboy documentary is in the works. (I might be in it, since I attended the panel. It’s all very exciting!)

Anyway, there’s some Doctor Who stuff tomorrow that I really ought to be awake for. Hopefully I’ll find out about more exciting Hoverboy news as well.