Live from Anime North: Day 1

I took the day off work today. That let me sleep in, try out some Wii Fit yoga and slalom games and take my time getting into Anime North.

I picked up Jeremy and stopped in Kitchener to get gas when I realized I had left my wallet at home. So I went home, got my wallet, got gas, got some cash at a bank machine and end up helping a nice if confused lady in a wheelchair navigate the parking lot to Conestoga Mall. So I was about an hour late getting out of Kitchener. Traffic sucked and we went into Mississauga to get some card readers for the photo scunt (more on that tomorrow). We took city streets the rest of the way to the hotel to avoid traffic jams. All in all, I made it to the con about 4 hours later than I was expecting.

We didn’t do much today besides poke around the dealer’s room and try to find people. Since we’re staying at the Doubletree (note to self: never again), we had a bunch of annoying key issues. All sorted out now, though. Jeremy and I had dinner at Kelsey’s, and I think I’m regretting it a little.

I saw a bunch of inspiring photo scunt additions, but as I was going to write them up in an email to amend the official list, I seem to have forgotten all the good ones. Or at least what I thought were the good ones. It doesn’t seem worth the effort now.

John shows up tomorrow, whereupon the show really begins.