Attack of the Graske!

Way back in 2005 for the first Doctor Who Christmas special, the BBC broadcast a “game” over its interactive digital television sevice. The game was Attack of the Graske. It stars David Tennant as the Doctor and the omnipresent Jimmy Vee as the Graske and is a tiny, interactive Doctor Who episode.

Sadly for us not in the UK, you were only able to play the game if your Geo-IP location shows up in that blessed isle. But no longer! I was able to play the game from Canada on the BBC’s revamped Doctor Who site!

Play Attack of the Graske!

Yeah, you can watch the videos on YouTube or whatever, but this is better. Okay, it’s not a great game or anything, but it’s nice to finally be able to play it (more or less) as intended.

Jimmy Vee reprises his role as the Graske in The Sarah Jane Adventures. And while it’s not strictly necessary to have played the Graske game before watching that episode (I certainly liked it well enough), it’s nice now to have that option.