The case of the missing iPod

I lost my iPod.

This week was strange. Between appointments and other errands, I don’t think I actually walked to work all week. That’s the first time I’ve driven that much in a long time. I know I walked to the university on Sunday for gaming, and I had my iPod then. That’s the last time I’m sure I had it. I have this vague feeling I might have walked to work this week, but looking back, I don’t think I did. This is significant, because if I walked, I would have listened to podcasts.

Monday I had a cranial sacral appointment, so I drove. Or maybe I walked in the morning and came home to pick up the car at lunch. Tuesday I was supposed to meet someone for supper. I might have walked, but I’m not sure. Wednesday I had an chiropractic appointment in the morning and an appointment to get my car battery replaced at night, so I drove. Thursday I stayed home in the morning to make chicken soup and drove in for the afternoon. Friday I was going to walk but spent a half-hour looking for my iPod, so I decided to drive in.

Regardless, I don’t have my iPod now. This is kind of sad. I’ve only had it for a year. I got that particular model to put iPod Linux or Rockbox on. Not that I have. But none of the current iPods will run either.

There are two general possibilities regarding what likely happened to my iPod. Either someone stole it, likely from my jacket pocket while I was in the chiropractic appointment (the jacket rack isn’t visible to the receptionist), or it fell out of my pocket somewhere. Or it’ll just turn up somewhere.

What’s really odd is I have my headphones. I’m not sure how that happened.

It’s been a pretty hectic week, so I’m missing a lot of detail.

Working on the “it’ll probably turn up” theory, I decided to go out to get a cheap, sub-$20 MP3 player. They didn’t have it, though, despite what their “check stock” thing says. I decided to head home rather than going with one of their other models, but I think I might go back tomorrow. I’ll let you know. I’m now thinking that the “probably turn up” scenario is looking less and less likely, so I’m looking at more of a long-term replacement. That requires some thought.

What’s most disconcerting about all this is the fact that I’m drawing a complete blank on what might have happened to it. My brain isn’t what it used to be (but then whose is?)

2 thoughts on “The case of the missing iPod”

  1. Wow! That’s a heck of a week!

    Best of luck in the iPod turning up.

    Barring that, best of luck in finding a suitable replacement.

    (MP3 players are ridiculously cheap these days… I have the feeling I’ve missed a technology shift and should be put out to pasture…)

  2. Mercury is retrograde right now. :(

    But it is ending soon. Thank goodness. My own life has been utterly ridiculous in terms of errors and miscommunications! Including some critical paperwork that, turns out, was faxed to me by the deadline requested, but then due to some bizarre and unexpected co-incidences, ended up traveling to Seattle (some 350 miles away) and thus I got them two days late (once I figured out they had indeed been sent and managed to track what had happened). Gah…

    So I will keep my fingers crossed about the iPod situation.


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