LEGO is awesome

In order to celebrate LEGO’s 50th anniversary, [Boing Boing Gadgets]( is posting retrospectives on LEGO sets over the years.

I was all about the space and town sets. It looks like Joel was more space and castle. No town stuff, sadly. In his summary of his [nine favourite sets](, I absolutely remember building the headlining [Galaxy Explorer]( I didn’t have the [Futuron Monorail](, but I remember wanting it desperately.

So that was a nice reminiscence. But then he posted [The Six Ugliest Space Lego Sets]( I looked at it, and it looked like, except for the two robots from the 90s, I had every one of those. I loved the [Robot Command Center](! Even as the robot. It had mini-vehicles that fit in the robot’s sides, which is always cool.

On closer inspection, though, I didn’t actually have the 1593 at the end of the article, but the [two]( [sets]( it was built from. I think. The vehicle docking thing in the 1593 looks awfully familiar. I know I had all those pieces, though. They were some of the first sets I got. There’s no way I have the boxes or instructions anymore to figure out what I actually had…

We’re back

I should leave a quick note to acknowledge that yes, the blog is back. I don’t have time right now to write anything more substantial than that. I managed to kill another motherboard. Somehow. I’m a little bit annoyed that this motherboard wasn’t a crappy old one I got for free. It was supposed to be driving my home theatre PC, one I got around to setting that up. I’ll have to somehow work that set-back into the plans.

I mentioned over on my livejournal during the downtime that I have a whole bunch of things queued up to write about. Still haven’t found the time to write about them. But here’s the list anyway:

* My new old stereo (in short, it’s awesome).
* My back (I have a lot of tension, apparently).
* The gym (I’m actually going).
* Mould (My bedroom window got kinda mouldy).
* Home renovation work (I may be getting a little ahead of myself…).
* The Doctor Who RPG (Anybody want to play?).
* Regular gaming (it’s back! And it starts today).
* Another stupid Facebook post (I probably shouldn’t bother).
* My new laptop (I got it! Despite power management weirdness, I’m very happy).
* Torchwood (I should watch the first episode first).
* Nodame Cantibile (really cute anime I started watching).
* etc.

So yes, I’m back. A real update should happen soon. Ish. Soon-ish. When I have time.