Continuing Education

I’m getting urges to take a Conestoga College course again.

The continuing education calendar came in the mail this week, and I ended up flipping through it this morning.

The biggest thing holding me back is booking up a weekday evening for some number of weeks. But I’ve decided I’m not going to make a decision today.

I don’t think I’d want to take anything work related or anything. I mean, I could probably benefit from some sort of project management training. It just doesn’t sound like much fun. I’m not sure how valuable something like that would be in the end, either.

No, I mean I’m flipping through the “General Interest and Leisure” section. Stuff like “Designing Your Home Garden” and “Alternative Energies – History, Current Status and Outlook.” I really wouldn’t mind taking a cooking or creative writing course.

Some of them are one day seminar things too. That could work. The gardening courses are like that. So are some of the cooking ones, like “Curries” and “Dim Sum”. Not to mention “Reincarnation – Who Were You?”

They have some odd business courses, too. Like “Achieving Professional and Persoanl Success with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)” and “Myers Briggs in the Workplace.” I’m kind of curious.