I have raccoons.

At least one raccoon has taken up residence under my porch. Taking the advice of the Humane Society, I’ve spread cayenne pepper around the opening, wadded up balls of paper towels, soaked them in ammonia and stuffed them in the opening, set up a halogen light in front of the opening and bought a battery-powered radio and turned it to an AM talk station and stuck it in the hole.

He’s still there. I’m pretty willful, but I think that sort of treatment would’ve convinced me to leave by now. The raccoon has out-willed me, it seems.

I think the next step is probably going to be to call a humane wildlife control company. I’m willing to take suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Raccoon’d!”

  1. The AM talk radio would have done it for me.

    But it comes as no surprise that a raccoon is tougher than me.

    I am le wimpy.

    Happy NaBloPoMo!

  2. Thanks! And Happy NaBloPoMo to you too.

    This particular station seems to talk about sports all the time. I’d have expect their tiny brains to start oozing out their ears by now. (the raccoons’ brains, that is…)

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