Slacking off

I’m slacking off on the blog again.

There’s a bunch of stuff I want to write about. Programming, project management, copyright reform, podcasts, books, raspberries, cedar hedges, yard maintenance, video games, music, Doctor Who, anime, food, urban planning, alternative energy, politics (ugh!), home decorating… Lots! My brain’s just not finding one digestably-sized chunk of a thing that I can chew on for a bit and regurgitate as a blog post.

Maybe I’ll get my act together and pick something to write about this weekend. Or not. I’m debating whether I should make myself a blogging schedule and then guilt myself into following it. That could work. This blog is supposed to be a fun hobby thing. I enjoy it when I’m doing it, but I’d hate for it to become a chore.

I’m also a bit torn as to what I want to do with this thing. My blog was originally meant to be a place to vent and a means for keeping in touch with people. Sticking my name up top and unleashing Google on it changes the dynamic a little. It’s now my public face on the world. That’s an intimidating thing to think about, and it makes me question whether I really want to talk about things like anime or what my cat coughed up. Or work. Even though those might be what’s on my mind. That’s probably just something I have to get over.

I will be going to Otakon in Baltimore next week. Expect to see posts about that.