Commuter Challenge

Folks at work got us out on the patio for a barbecue at lunchtime to tell us about the Commuter Challenge.

My Daily Commute(For some reason, I keep wanting to insert a ‘p’ in “commuter”).

I was torn between feeling guilty and virtuous. I mean, my “commute” is only 5km a day total, and I’d be walking that if I could. Even if I drive every day, the distance traveled in one year is about as much as one SUV driving coworker who lives somewhere in the 905 does in two weeks. (I noticed he wasn’t at the barbecue…). But I haven’t been walking much (due to pain, which I guess is understandable).

Even though I’m fully on board with the principles and goals of the event, it all seems a bit silly to me. I suppose that’s my non-conformist nature shining through again. This is all stuff I know about, but I guess there are people for whom “you can bike! or take the bus! It’s better for everybody!” is news.

I do want to start getting out on the bike more. I haven’t done that in ages.