Anime North 2k7 Halftime Show

Anime North is a bit painful this year. I mean literally. My back kinda hurts. I don’t have my recliner to resort to.

I complain, but I actually think things are getting better. I can actually stand and walk around most of the day and end up tolerating it. More or less.


We spent most of the day sitting in the fountain in the basement of the Toronto Doubletree airport hotel running a photo scavenger hunt. That actually turned out to be pretty awesome. I don’t think we’ve managed to convey the true spirit of the photo scavenger hunt concept to our participants, but we’ve got a year to think about it before we try again. They did an okay job, though. I only fear they didn’t quite grasp how much you could get ahead with a little creativity and an eye for the less well-traveled paths of fandom. They will learn.