I didn’t think you could get them anymore. When I was hunting around for heatwraps, I stumbled upon what I thought was an extinct species: low-capacity flash memory cards. And they’re cheap!

I found 64MB compact flash cards at Pharma Plus for $7.50. Perfect for the Quickpad. They’ve got bigger sizes too, but you’re probably better off going someplace like Canada Computers for those.

They’ve got smaller xD (only Type M at the Shoppers I checked) and SD cards too, of course. Those might be useful for something.

I’d have never thought to look in drug stores. But it makes sense. My dad’s pharmacy always did photo processing and stuff. So it makes sense.

I just picked up my old 2 megapixel camera from home, and I’m using the 8MB card from that, but I think I might pick up one of the 64MB cards, just ‘cuz it might come in handy. I mean… $7.50! Sure the price per MB sucks compared to the 4GB+ cards you can get these days, but I don’t need that space.

2 thoughts on “Flash!”

  1. I read Flash! and immediately broke out into a cold sweat…

    (I’m suffering through a particularly nasty, though it shouldn’t be, Macromedia Flash event…)

    Flash memory always kind of confused me. Fair enough it’s a great replacement for floppies, and works in a lot of portable tech; however, it would be nice to have something less than a bazillion standards.

    (Most often I see 13-in-1 readers and stuff like that… Why!?!?!)

    Anyhow, it was good getting together. Hope the healing is continuing nicely.

    Til next time!

  2. Why? Camera companies.

    Seriously. Camera companies used to make all their money off of film. But then they saw the digital camera steamroller coming their way and started thinking they had to preserve their business model somehow. So they started coming out with cameras that used proprietary memory card formats. That way, they could make at least some of their film money on memory card license royalties.

    The world seems to be slowly standardizing on SD cards, though. Even the worst offenders, Fujifilm and Olympus, have announced SD card cameras.

    However, technology marches on and people want smaller devices which are too small for even thumbnail-sized SD cards. So now we have miniSD and microSD cards. At least those usually have SD card adapters.

    It all amounts to roughly the same thing, though. People who just want something to carry around usually get USB thumb drives. Otherwise, you just get whatever you need.

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