This should be three posts, honestly

I got a haircut yesterday. I went to my usual place. When it came to my turn the barber who was free happened to a rather attractive young woman with close-cropped shaved blonde hair.

I’d gone in not really sure what I wanted done, except that I knew I needed a haircut. So what I’d ended up getting was maybe a bit shorter than I’d perhaps been planning.

I chickened out and didn’t go *really* short. I think it’s probably about the same length as it was when I got fed up with the long-haired page boy look last year. And upon reflection (literally–like in front of the mirror), I think I probably should’ve gone a bit closer to the quick.

Although I’m debating whether the only reason I’m thinking that is because the hairdresser said I looked good with short hair, which made me feel all giddy and retarded.

* * *

I watched [Idiocracy]( this afternoon. It’s a weird little unknown science-fiction movie by Mike Judge (King of the Hill, Office Space, you know who I’m talking about). I’d heard that there was some conspiracy to bury the film based on its unkind portrayal of corporate America. Which may be true, but had me hoping for something a bit more devastatingly awesome.

It’s actually kinda of a fun movie. Average guy Joe (played by Luke Wilson–you know, from Dumb and Dumber) is cryogenically frozen for 500 years and awakes to discover that, since stupid people have become significantly more prolific breeders than intelligent, career-focused people, humanity has become profoundly dumb.

So the world has gone to shit, and it’s up to Joe–now the smartest person in the world) to set things right. To his credit, he does figure out that watering crops with Brawndo sports drink is probably a bad idea, even if it does “have electrolytes that plants crave.” (Brawndo, you see, decided that water was a threat to its profit margins and bought the FDA so that water could be relegated to toilets where it belongs).

Nice jabs at mass media and corporate culture. The unspoken advocacy of eugenics left a bit of a bad taste. I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it. Something like a cross between Dumb and Dumber and a Twilight Zone episode.

I admit, I had too-high expectations. It’s pretty fun. It’s got some clever bits. Worth watching, but it’s not going to change the world, sadly.

* * *

After watching [that BBC gardening show](, I’m itching to do something with the gardens this year. Not too sure what, yet, or whether I’ll actually get around to watering regularly. That’s always the problem. Regardless, it’s probably time to start planning…