Dammit. My roof leaks.

I called the roof repair guy a while ago, but apparently they’re busy and I haven’t heard back.

It’s okay for now, since the ice has frozen again. It started leaking yesterday when the temperature went up a bit. There’s an awful lot of ice up there.

The ice is my fault, really. I didn’t clean out the eaves troughs in the fall. Even so, the roof is but two months old. It probably shouldn’t leak.

Hurray! Just as I’m writing, a guy showed up and promised to remove the snow and “whatever ice they could”. I took a look, and there’s no way I could move the ice. I’m hoping they have some melter gadget thing. We’ll see what happens.

*Update:* I hurrayed too soon. They appear to have no melter gadgets. They’re bashing on my roof with shovels. This does not bode well.

I suppose, being roofing guys, they can replace whatever they break. This is my only consolation.

*Update 2:* They’re gone. They cleared off a whole bunch of the ice and allowed the water to drain off. It it was me, I’d probably be [a bit more subtle about it](http://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/co/maho/gemare/gemare_006.cfm). They left without saying anything. Off to the next emergency, I guess. Roofing superheroes that they are.

I’m probably going to use the hot water trick to get the eaves draining again, but right now, I think I should probably get into work…

3 thoughts on “Leaky”

  1. Oh, Yay!

    A squirrel picture!

    Yes, I know you’ve got lots of adorable pictures, particularly on that subject. I love the little graphics you post :>

    Sorry about your roof, tho’…

  2. You were right. It just isn’t the same without a cute squirrel picture of some sort.

    And the roof is good for now. And upon further research, I think it was all my own stupid fault. I also know how to better deal with it.

    Live and learn. Home ownership is an adventure in stress.

    And money. Money and stress.

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