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Wiki Page Links is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to add Wikipedia-style hyperlinks to your posts and pages and automatically have them link to your WordPress pages.

For example, if you write this code in your blog:

See my [[About]] page.

You’d see this output:

See my About page.

Other Features

  • You can provide a list of link templates for adding links to other sites, such as Wikipedia. Eg. if you specify [[wiki:Hyperlinks]], you get a link to the corresponding Wikipedia page.
  • Wikipedia-style pipe (|) aliasing.
  • If a page doesn’t exist, you’ll see a link (“[?]”) to create a new page.
  • If you really want things in square brackets, you can escape the first square bracket with a backslash: \[[for example]]



  • The initial release.
  • Supports Wikipedia links.
  • Links to pages.


  • Added “[?]” edit link for undefined pages.


  • Minor fix for WP 3.0 support.
  • Only show [?] link if the user is logged in.

Features TODO:

  • Add an admin panel for adding new shortcut link templates.


Download Wiki Page Links from the official WordPress plug-in site:

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