Diet update

Diet graph Smallish update regarding the diet, since everybody else is doing it…

I direct your attention to the graph over on the right. The first six weeks or so, I was doing pretty well. I hit the same plateau I hit last year at about 180, but whatever.

The Ottawa trip really threw me off, though. And the last couple weeks, I’ve been slacking enough that I haven’t really got things back on track. Not an incredibly huge setback, but enough that I’m probably gonna have to be careful with the con over the weekend, and rein in the restaurant visits (or at least the amount I’m eating during restaurant visits…).

The yellow line, incidentally, is the straight-line path from the start of the diet to my goal weight of 160lbs come May 1st. I’m falling a bit behind. I could still catch up, but my current thinking is bumping things up to 2lbs/week isn’t really worth it. I can either re-evaluate the goal or push it out a couple weeks.

The actual goal is under 169, which is when my BMI finally gets under the magic 25. I’m shooting for 160 just to have a bit of a buffer.

Even with the setback, though, I still averaged just shy of 1lb/week over Februrary. January was closer to my target rate of 1.5lbs/week. So on the whole, it’ll take a little work the next couple weeks to get back on track, but I’m still doing okay.

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  1. Thanks. :)

    I need to spend some time working on it. I need to get tags working, for example. But so far it’s done quite a bit of what I wanted to do just out of the box.

    I’m just glad I can write everything in Markdown now. :D

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